Bellaria Igea Marina is historically known as a pleasant tourist resort on a human scale, where you can breathe deeply a pleasant folklore breeze, which rides the wave of serenity and genuineness; key features of this precious piece of the Romagna’s heart.

The port has always been one of the most important vital fulcrums of the Bellariese city life. Giving a small past to the past, already since the late nineteenth century, on the left side of the mouth of the river Uso (which divides the city in two), a primordial haunt of houses, originally huts inhabited by fishermen, dominated the harbor view where the boats were moored , as it is considered a port refuge.
The seagulls, at dusk, is a white trail in the sky that accompanies the return of the fishing boats to the house, lowering the curtain on this suggestive glimpse of city life and giving way to the eventful evening.
Located in a seaside town, which partly derives its name from the mythological figure of the Greek goddess “Igea” daughter of Asclepius, the hotel at the New Port is an excellent hub for travelers who love to live their holiday in complete freedom. discovering the Romagna folklore, our great regional pride, and for those who want to enjoy the nightlife, diving into the notorious nightlife of the Adriatic coast.

It is from here that the AL NUOVO PORTO hotel takes its name. The romantic view along the canal port of this town is the real business card to fully enjoy this picturesque town that is born and develops all its attractions along seven kilometers of coastline.
* The Hotel Al Nuovo Porto is a micro universe for contemporary travelers, curious and hyper-connected with the world; It is the right place for those who want to spend their holiday with a look aimed at relaxing holiday, but that does not lose the taste of travel and exploration.

Ideal for those who are constantly looking for whimsical input, for all digital gourmands and for the curious and change-loving professionals and, at the same time, it is also an enchanting cradle for families who like to spend their holidays immersed in the pleasant air of Romagna , welcoming to its guests just for the warm embrace from the taste of home that generously can always bestow.

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