At Nuovo Porto, the Hall has been designed to accommodate you within a wide comfortable space. An ideal meeting point, to stop and chat, work on the computer, socialize on the web or with friends. The environment is so relaxing it inspires ideas, connections and creates friendships!


Read a magazine, have a chat, relax, connect to the web, have a snack from our bar or simply socialize. There are many things you can do in our Social Lounge. A space that you can live, like a maxi apartment! Maybe you just want to not think and play Candy Crush, or you want to have a drink with friends: enjoy all the comfort of the panoramic terrace, with a Swimming pool and Jacuzzi, you can relax in the Sun or you can have a work-out in our Fitness corner


At Nuovo Porto, we have created a space for our customers on business trips who want to meet potential clients and suppliers!
You can simply book your office by choosing our PERSONAL-OFFICE service. This is great if you are tired of the same old boring meetings in sad rooms. If you feel like relaxing after work you can enjoy a drink in our bar.

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