Your Bed, Breakfast & Brunch.

Your Bed, Breakfast & Brunch

Directly on the Beach of Bellaria Igea Marina

A warm welcome to the Hotel al Nuovo Porto, a “Unique Person” that loves to dive in experiences that make the difference.
Romagnas Hospitality is taking care of their guests, making them feel unique from the early morning.
The awakening, for example, is one of the most important parts of the day and we cheer you up by preparing a great breakfast!
The scent of warm milk, butter and flour is released from our daily handmade cakes, from the soft pancakes and the rich buffet that completes the proposal with a Menù à la carte. My collaborators and I are always in frontline, ready to listen and satisfy your requests!
Hotel al Nuovo Porto sets the mark for relaxation, choose the best!
Welcome to this little corner of peace …